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iMoment Productions is a Delhi NCR-based wedding photographer that has been capturing happy moments for over ten years. Our team of passionate photographers specialize in Wedding Photography, Candid Photography and Pre-Wedding and Engagement Shoots as well as Destination Weddings. Our wedding and candid photographers capture the most memorable moments using creative concepts. They freeze the memories in frames that can be cherished forever. Get in touch with us to preserve your amazing wedding memories.

Our photography style is NATURAL, PLAYFUL, JOYFUL. FINE ART MEETS FUN. Beautiful lashes, a freckled nose, or two deep brown limitless eyes. Cherished dimples, growing mama bellies, AUTHENTIC and PRETTY as can be. Living in the moment, marking the time, celebrating all-grown-up. But mostly just TIMELESS, CLASSIC, make-you-smile GORGEOUS PORTRAITS

Our Wedding Photography Services

Prewedding Photography

Pre-wedding photos are a great way to show your love and capture it without having any family or friends present. You can frame the pictures and keep them by your bedside or at your desk for a lasting reminder of the wonderful time leading up your wedding.

Pre-wedding photos are not only about taking pictures of the couple.  This is a great way to get to know your photographer team and to help them understand how you work together. You will feel comfortable with your photographer by the time you get to the wedding. Pre-wedding photos will help you improve your body language and learn which lighting options work best for you.

As your wedding photographers, we would strongly recommend a pre-wedding shoot.

Destination Wedding Photography

Exotic locations and exotic destinations are increasingly popular for couples who want to have their wedding ceremonies in beautiful places. You can have a beach wedding or a royal wedding at a remote location. The next thing you should do is to hire the best destination wedding photographer. You should think carefully about destination wedding photography.

While most wedding photographers specialize in distant weddings, only a handful of them are skilled in destination wedding photography. But wait! We have covered many destination weddings, so you are in the right place. It is also one of our specialisations. iMoment Productions would love to capture your love and the beauty of your wedding day

Candid Photography

A candid wedding photographer captures these emotions beautifully, whether it is pure joy, or sadness. For all the wonderful surprises and naturalness that candid photography can bring to your wedding photos, it is becoming a very popular form of photography.

Our candid photographers in Delhi have the talent and equipment to capture every moment of your wedding. These moments are not possible to plan. You need someone who can anticipate them, and then give them to your to treasure forever. We do that.

Wedding Teaser

It is possible to be curious about the differences between a wedding teaser and a wedding film. The wedding teaser builds anticipation and suspense for the main film. This is a quick trip down memory lane that will leave you wanting more. There are also videos and photos that will follow. The wedding teaser, which isn’t too detailed, is a great way for you to relive your D-day. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Our team will capture your joys, emotions, and funny anecdotes. All of this will be combined into a 2-minute wedding teaser video. The iMoment Productions Team has years of experience and will ensure that your teaser stands out from all the other trailers online.

Featured Teasers

One-day wedding events start at INR 1 Lakh ,. However, Indian weddings are not usually a one-day affair. To determine the cost of a package of wedding photography, we need to consider the excitement and vibrancy that Indian traditions offer. It begins by getting to know the client. This includes the amount of events, the working hours, the style of photography, and the videography that is required. to determine the cost.

We offer a wide range of packages for wedding photography, prewedding photography, candid wedding photography and wedding cinematography that are tailored to meet clients’ needs. We can help you choose the right package for your needs and budget. Get in touch today to book!

Why choose iMoment Productions

Each wedding has its memorable moments – some make you laugh, and some may make you cry.  There will be many such emotions and memories during wedding celebrations. To preserve those moments, feelings, and memories, you will definitely need an experienced wedding photographer so that, you can re-live those celebrations anytime, anywhere.

We curate a team of top professional wedding photographers, candid photographers, and wedding cinematographers to transform your wedding memories into wedding stories. We have covered 300+ weddings, 100+ pre-weddings, and 10+ destination weddings so far. The reviews from our customers speak for themselves.

We do know the significance of this special day in your life. As one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi, NCR, we understand this responsibility fully and would be a part of the family during the wedding. Armed with the latest wedding photography equipment and trends, we preserve those moments and emotions that you will cherish for life

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we get every image after shoot?

No, we do not. We eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. For example, because we shoot with low apertures, sometimes we take a few extra shots to make sure we have the perfect focus. We don’t expect you to have the expertise or the time to zoom into each image to select the one with the sharpest focus, so we spend hours doing that on our end. In another example, candid laughs and emotional tears are some of the best images from the day. Unfortunately, they can also yield some unflattering facial expressions. We might snap a few extras of any of these moments to make sure we have a great shot with the ideal expression for the moment. With our expertise of processing millions of images each year, we may eliminate ones that we feel are duplicates and only deliver the best one.

What is your photography style?

Wedding photography is a personal affair and it should be as unique as your love story. In iMoment Productions we tend to keep photography as natural as possible and capture events as they happen. Nothing is staged or recreated. We give time to couples to relax and get comfortable and capture them as they are. We focus on storytelling- photographs that can speak words, sum up a feeling, a moment, or an emotion.

Is there a style or quality difference among the photographers?

No. We take every measure to ensure consistent style and quality among our photographers. We have developed the unique style you see in our work over the years. Each shoot is reviewed to ensure our quality and styles are consistent. All mistakes, no matter how minor, are scrutinized by the team. We trust that the quality and style of photography you receive will be consistent. However, we do tailor our shooting style and techniques to our client requests. For example, some clients may prefer a light and airy look while others may prefer dramatic lighting and shadows.

What are the equipments used?

We use whatever it takes to capture amazing photos and videos. We have a long list of equipment with us and we keep updating it with the latest trends. If you are really interested to know more, please get in touch with us

Will you provide the RAW files from engagement/or wedding day?

Each of our packages comes with a full resolution image download. However, we typically do not provide RAW (unprocessed) files from our shoots because we believe in delivering a finished product. In fact, we’re often shooting with the end (post-produced) product in mind. However, on occasion, we may provide RAW images along with our post-produced JPG’s for an additional fee and restrictions.

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