About Us

Led by Lokesh and Palak Sharma, we are a highly experienced family-run photography studio that loves working with other families! We are obsessed with creating fun, off-beat and contemporary wedding stories. Widely regarded as amongst the top photography companies in India, we pioneered candid wedding photography in India from the first wedding that we shot in 2013! Over the last 9 years, we have shot hundreds of love stories all over the India. We believe in an exceedingly high quality benchmark, and like to believe that we are the gold-standard in wedding storytelling in the country. We are based in New Delhi, India but travel extensively all over the world creating stories of love.

In 2013 we shot our first wedding, and found ourself amongst the pioneers who established what “candid” wedding photography would be in the years to come.

Hi. We are Lokesh and Palak Sharma, and we started iMoment Productions in 2013. During this time, wedding photography was supposed to be “traditionally” executed – which means that photographs were posed, frozen and cliched. It’s great that we didn’t know that, because when we shot our first wedding, nobody told us we were supposed to say cheese!

What happened after that is that we were amongst the first photographers to pioneer this new genre of “candid” wedding photography – something that doesn’t need to be explained today. In the last 9 years we’ve been a part of hundreds of weddings, evolved and grown, but we’ve stuck to that core philosophy of making wedding photography fun, realistic and documentary.